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Center Court lighting builds a diverse line of fixtures and accessories to suit your individual lighting needs. Our Center Court Series lighting systems have been designed to offer outstanding performance, durability, and easy installation. To download a complete catalog of our products, Click here.


Scimitar Series

LED High Lumen Tennis Light

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Cutlass Series

LED High Efficient Tennis Light

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TIHB Series

LED Indoor Tennis High Bay

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Aurora Series

Designer Shoebox

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Die Cast Series

Die Cast Shoebox

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Extruded Series

Extruded Shoebox

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CCS 2000 Series

Extruded Dual Lamp Shoebox

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Center Court Pro Series

Vertical Burn Shoebox

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ICF Series

Indoor Indirect Tennis Court Light

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Sportslighter Series

HID Sport Lighter

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Commercial Light Poles

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Sport Poles

Recreation Light System

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Photometric Layouts

Center Court lighting provides free informative photometric tennis court layouts.

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